How to heal yourself with the power of crystals?

Yes, crystals, minerals and stones can balance your body systems. They are pieces of the Mother Earth's energy balance and they help balance your body balance and, at times, provide relief to the physical, mental and spiritual conditions.

As turquoise can help prevent allergies, wear these stones regularly and they will prevent your allergies. You can wear healthy bones and / or hold fluorite during the day and when you meditate. You can mix gypsum and septarian as nectar and drink regularly to weaken bones.

How to make nectar: ‚Äč‚ÄčTake filtered water, place it in a stone, crystal, mineral glass or container available at, keep it in the refrigerator and leave it overnight. You can keep it in the sun too. In the morning or after 8 hours the nectar will be ready. You can drink it or apply it on top; It should be used over a 24-hour period.

I recommend that the stones you want to be cleansed of physically, mentally and spiritually should be worn at all times, I call them the personal recipe of your crystals. You can even take them to bed with you at night and if you do this constantly you will feel the difference.

For blood pressure issues it is: You can take Peterson for your blood pressure fluctuations; Wear rubies for low blood pressure and sodalite for high blood pressure.

Try to keep a pirate under your pillow to reduce snoring; Wear the dark purple sapphire you can get to relieve migraine headaches, stone the site when you have pain, until you feel comfortable. Wear rubies every time during menopause, the carnelian also really works. Activation can be balanced by having two orange calcites; In each hand, hold on until one sense of balance is achieved. You can even check out few good products at